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Personal Learning

Algorithm based learning which predicts your learning needs. Over time the system gets to know how you learn and adapts questions to make sure you are learning what you need to know to be successful and efficient in your job.
  • Algorithm based learning
  • Receptive learning
  • Question based learning - not the typical memorization q/a
  • Probin the learner to answer questions and how sure they are of the answer
  • Confidence based answers
  • Unconscious incompetence is a hidden cost in business - typically 20% of what employees think they know is actually incorrect.
  • Learning maintenance - random messaging of assessments
  • Comprehensive personal learning library



Our role-based authoring capability is seamlessly integrated into the platform, and simplifies the process for instructional designers, technical writers and subject matter experts.
  • Learning content, includes text, animation, PowerPoint video, 3D models and simulations.
  • Team-based authoring simplifies the development process
  • Coordination tasks for milestones milestones.
  • Flags to let other developers know who the primary author is, and whether content is actively being edited.
  • Drag and drop editing
  • Single source multiple outputs
  • Anonymization
  • Translation
  • In application Guidance with step by step instructions to complete a task



Analyze and report who is doing what when and where. Real-time analytics to determine who is learning and how they are achieving success over their peers. Fine tune company benchmarks to achieve maximum learning for the individuals and the corpation as a whole.
  • Define project success
  • Determine business direction
  • Guarantee compliance with training paper trail
  • Benchmark and cultivate user competency
  • Prove training value
  • Optimize approaches and content with user-generated ratings and feedback



SAAS integrated cloud-based authoring, delivery and reporting system that can be used standalone, or integrated seamlessly into learning management systems. Learn on the desktop, tablet or phone.
  • Adaptive learning is available to learners across all devices anytime, anywhere.
  • Online or offline from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device (IOS, Android), with asynchronour functionality built in for when your learners get back online (i.e. real-time feedback options).
  • Security
  • Hosting ( on and off Prem )
  • Integration
  • Seamless integration into third-party LMS's, we publish directly to SCORM 1.2 or xAPI.

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